Have you visited Europa Antiques at the Hilltop Marketplace Lately?

Time to pay a visit to the Hill Top Market Place, 15480 Highway 22 North in Lexington, our first location in Tennessee. We still have a wonderful selection of treasures for you to check out including bedroom suites, tables and chairs, armoires, hutches, sideboards, antique cupboards and hutches and much, much more! 

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Tennessee, Here We Are!

After a successful welcome in Indiana, Europa Antiques LLC is pleased to be opening a location inside the Hill Top Market Place in Lexington Tennessee, only a short drive from Memphis or Nashville! Wonderful treasures from France, Belgium, Germany and Holland, direct from the hands of our European Antique Picker! 

When Marcellino and Kate discovered that several of their regular customers were making the trip from Tennessee to their Indiana locations, they thought why not bring Europa Antiques to Tennessee instead? Marcellino visited several places in this great state and saw that Lexington met their needs.

Marcellino has worked hard to find the perfect mix of antiques, chotskies and home decor for Europa Antiques' first Tennessee location. More than 130 items are being unpacked! Items include French living room, dining and bedroom suites, hutches, armoires, dressers, sideboards, cabinets, breakfronts, tables, chairs, statues, paintings, lamps, pottery and more!

Open Wednesday and Thursday afternoons from 1 to 5, Friday and Saturday from 9 to 5 and Sunday afternoon from 1 to 5, Marcellino and Kate encourage you to make the weekend trip. 

Check out our Europa Tennessee page to see what treasures we will be unloading. We will be updating regularly!

 Our European Antique Picker was busy unloading our first container of treasures at our Tennessee location inside the Hill Top Market Place in Lexington on January 27. 

Our European Antique Picker was busy unloading our first container of treasures at our Tennessee location inside the Hill Top Market Place in Lexington on January 27. 

 Look for our ad and more information in the Busy Bee Trader, out this month!

Look for our ad and more information in the Busy Bee Trader, out this month!

A match made in Texas

 Opening up Europa Antiques in 2012 was a crowning moment for our European antique picker. From Marcellino's days as a small boy selling delft blue vases at antique markets in Belgium, to personally picking fine antiques and shipping them to our three locations in Indiana, antiques have always been in the fabric of Marcellino's life.

Marcellino takes his greatest pleasure in learning about antiques and sharing this lifelong knowledge with our clients and other antique dealers. One such dealer is Laura Curtis, owner of Europa Imports in Helotes, Texas, just outside of San Antonio. Laura and Marcellino met when Laura decided to come to Europe to personally pick European merchandise for her first shop known as Ooh La La Decor and More. That first trip sealed a business relationship that has lasted five years.

When Laura decided to expand and re-brand her business to focus more on European antiques, Marcellino saw a great opportunity to collaborate with Laura in her new venture. He knew the hard work and effort Laura had put into Ooh La La Decor and More to make it a success. That, coupled with her love and growing knowledge about European Antiques, convinced Marcellino to join forces in offering some of the finest European antiques to the Texas market at an affordable price.

When Laura officially opens her doors in November as Europa Imports Inc, Marcellino will be there to meet her clientele and to talk about the amazing treasures Laura is bringing into her new shop direct from Europe. Marcellino took Laura to all of his favorite antique picking spots and together they have picked some amazing items. These pieces were hand-picked from this team. You could not get any closer to Europe!

Are you in the San Antonio area? Laura's container will arrive the first week of November, with a special "unveiling" planned for  November 10. See you Thursday!

 Laura Curtis, owner of Europa Imports Inc in Helotes, Texas, hits the European antique picking trail with our picker Marcellino Van Hoof.

Laura Curtis, owner of Europa Imports Inc in Helotes, Texas, hits the European antique picking trail with our picker Marcellino Van Hoof.

 Laura Curtis, owner of Europa Imports Inc in Helotes Texas, has a keen eye when it comes to finding fine European antiques. 

Laura Curtis, owner of Europa Imports Inc in Helotes Texas, has a keen eye when it comes to finding fine European antiques. 

 This beautiful bench is one of the many great picks Laura found on her European picking tour. Her 40 ft container of treasures is due to arrive at her shop in Helotes, Texas at the beginning of November.

This beautiful bench is one of the many great picks Laura found on her European picking tour. Her 40 ft container of treasures is due to arrive at her shop in Helotes, Texas at the beginning of November.


Finding pieces in unexpected places

Well, we have been back on the road in Europe these past couple of weeks. Our latest visit to our US location was so great! We met some wonderful new customers, who we are pleased to also call friends, as well as a long "wish list" from prospective customers. Your support means the world to us and we look forward to seeing everyone again in October. But, we want to remind you that we have many fantastic pieces that deserve a good look. One such piece is this Antique Oak Belgian Breakfront - circa 1880.

This oak breakfront, custom-made in Belgium, is a wonderful example of craftsmanship from the 1880s.  The glass, keys and hinges on this piece are all original. When you open the doors, you will see the quality of the wood that has withstood the test of time. Our European Picker happened upon this piece while looking for clocks of all things. It was in the backroom of the clockmaker's shop; he was using it to store clock parts and other chotskies. This just goes to show you need to look into every nook and cranny no matter where you are!


The best customers, the best helpers...

And what a crazy four days it has been! Wednesday afternoon our container pulled up with its usual load of treasures, and thankfully, all of our helpers arrived on the scene as well. It's not easy unloading 335 pieces of furniture, antiques and home decor by yourself! But as you can see, our European Picker always takes charge to get the job done! :) Europa Antiques, with the super help of Nick, Andy, Grant, Justin, AJ, Brian, Skyler and Elijah, had that container unloaded in no time and thanks to the extra help of Andy and Nick we were set up and ready to meet our new customers. What can we say? We met super people and thanks to Stephen and Cathy and Randy and Kim and Eric and Ashley, our European Picker will be back on the road as soon as we hit the shores of Europe next week. Thanks to all for your business, help and support! We will be at our location at Exit 76 for the next week, so we encourage you to come on down and pay us a visit. We have some great items for you to see and are always ready to make a deal!

Our European Picker's love affair with clocks

Clocks tell more than the time. Today we can find the time on just about anything, from pens to necklaces. Many of us turn to our smartphones rather than a wristwatch to get the "exact time". Every second counts!  But a clock offers something different, especially a clock from the turn of the 20th century.

Marcellino has loved clocks for as long as he can remember. Our house is filled with them and as much as I love the tick-tock and chiming of a clock, I can only handle two or three running at once! The gentle ticking of a clock brings us to a different time when "up to the second" didn't really matter all that much.

The regulator or pendulum clocks from back in the day are one of his favorites. The classic cases and faces of the Art Deco style are the ones he likes best. Considering how important these workhorses were when it came to keeping time at home, or in the factory, or in a train station, makes them that much more special to us.

Marcellino has learned how to service old clocks so that every clock we bring in is in working order. We try to find ones where you can actually see the movement operating. It's such a fascinating process if you take the time to watch it.

From box to floor...

What a hectic and exciting two weeks it has been! As always, our time setting up our new inventory in our location at the Exit 76 Antique Mall in Edinburgh, Indiana has been intense, but everything is now buffed and polished, and looking great! Check out our super collection of armoires, sideboards, nightstands, clocks, statues and more! We are offering a 15% discount right now, so take advantage of some great savings! Check out more photos in our Impressions section!

A little digging can find just about anything...

When our European picker is on the road looking for unusual finds, he leaves no stone (or barn) unturned! This interesting find is an old helmet used by someone in the fire brigade. According to our sources (Thanks, Huub!), this helmet dates from 1950. (Le) Levior is a Belgian company from  the province Tongeren owned by the family Menten. Menten has been  producing helmets since 1904. They still produce helmets under several names (Le Levior, Levior, Levo, Goose and Vortex). This  helmet  is made from pressed cork and was produced from 1950 onwards. To use pressed cork isn't as weird as it sounds, in the UK pressed paper was used until well into this century for the most popular fire brigade helmets.

Now appearing in Antique Week...

Marcellino, our European Antique Picker is featured in this week's Antique Week!  Here's the text of the article. Eric Rodenberg, associate editor, did a great job. Eric has become Marcellino's American pickin' buddy when we are in the area. Thanks Eric!

Appreciation weekend a big hit at Exit 76 Antiques

EDINBURGH, Ind. — A chink in winter’s armor peeked out from the southeastern Indiana skies during the weekend of March 7-9, bringing a good turnout out for one of the year’s biggest events at the Exit 76 Antiques mall.

“We had about 2,600 customers in for the weekend,” said Nic Nicoson, manager of Exit 76. “That’s not close to any record, but considering how everything has been this winter, it was very pleasant. Still, I would have to say we had strong results.”

The total attendance was 12 percent above last year. “But you have to remember we were under some pretty big numbers from last year,” Nicoson added.

Customers from 21 states – including Alaska – made purchases from the 72,000-square-foot mall over the weekend.

Nicoson said the mall sold more than 4,000 items during its 10th annual Customer Appreciation Weekend.

“We saw a wide variety of just about every category we have selling,” Nicoson said. “We sold Civil War items, jewelry, glassware, furniture – you name it. It was a very good crowd. I don’t think it was our typical antique crowd, although 45 percent of our buyers were repeat customers – which is always good to see. I think we brought some new faces in.”

Nicoson said the under 30-year-old crowd saw a jump of 14 percent over last year. The over-50 crowd was steady at 63 percent, with female shoppers typically showing an edge of 57 percent of buyers.

Of the 343 merchants at the mall, 70 vendors turned out to meet buyers and haggle over prices.

The European Picker Marcellino van Hoof, coming off a frenzied picking day throughout Indiana and Ohio prior to greeting customers at the mall, was pleased with sales. He reportedly sold two European hutches and two vases, in addition to several smalls. A clock fancier, van Hoof showed merchants how to restore and make repairs to clockworks.

He said he planned to ship in another container from Holland in May.

The next special event weekend for Exit 76 is Uncle Sam Savings Weekend on July 4-6.

A full wishlist for our European picker

Our European picker had a very interesting customer appreciation weekend at Exit 76. It was a weekend that gave Exit 76 merchants like us a chance to meet our customers and thank them for their continued business.  It also marked Europa Antique's first year in business at this location. It's been a very interesting year for us and we do indeed want to thank the community of Edinburgh and surrounding area for welcoming us and showing us such great support. This past weekend Marcellino met some some very interesting folks who had a few special requests for clocks and other pieces of furniture that he will now keep his eyes open for as he hits the picking trail.  Picking is what Marcellino loves to do and now that he has gotten to know our clientele a little better, we hope we can ship over what you would like to see in your home. The best way to stay up to date on what we are doing and what our European picker is finding is to like our Facebook page: www.facebook.com/europaantique. We do our best to keep our website news current, but we have learned that our customers tend to look at Facebook first. 

We do hope to see you all in a couple month's time with a new container filled with all sorts of surprises!  Thanks again! We do appreciate you!


A great start to appreciating our customers

Friday March 7 was a super day to get Customer Appreciation Day rolling at Exit 76 Antiques. Our European picker was happy to chat with customers, old and new, and made some great deals! We hope our customers know how much they are appreciated! And today and tomorrow are your days to have a "sit down" chat with Marcellino about his specialty - antique clocks. From weight-driven to spring-driven, from French marble to westminster mantle clocks, he will be around to answer your questions. Be sure to drop down and visit today to cash in on all the great deals Exit 76 Antique Mall merchants are offering!

Container has arrived!

It was a stressful day of waiting, but at last our container rolled up to the Exit 76 Antique Mall. Our "heavy gang" was ready and we got that container unloaded in record time!  Tuesday will be a day of unwrapping and staging. Come on down to Exit 76 if you are in the area to see our brand new finds!  Thanks to our team: Josh, Nick, Andy, Nicoah and Grant for your super help today! 

European Antique Picker returns!

Well, it's been a few months and a lot of backroads travelled since we have seen you last, but Marcellino and yours truly  will be back at the Exit 76 Antique Mall on November 20. We will be unloading our third container of great finds that we are sure will satisfy your needs to find something special for that someone special on your Christmas list.  And we have other great news; we will be expanding our location in the Exit 76 Antique Mall! You will be able to find us as soon as you walk in the doors and start touring this great mall on the right side, as well as our usual location in the left side of the mall starting at Booth 184. Please drop by and see us and check out all of the new stuff that will be arriving! We look forward to seeing you all again!

Father and son looking for the good stuff

When our European picker heads out for the day, his dad Harry usually goes along for the ride. It's been that way for more than 35 years! 81-year-old Harry is still going strong! Here the duo pay a visit to a dear old friend in a small town just south of our home town of Eindhoven. They have been visiting Theo for as long as Marcellino can remember!

A lesson on early Brittany-style furniture

So I asked Marcellino to take me out on the road recently.  I had heard many of our customers ask about early Brittany-style carved furniture and I was curious about it.

What is it?” I asked him. I had seen photos of it of course, but to be honest, I had never seen a piece up close.

You want to see early Brittany-style? I’ll show you early Brittany-style,” said our enthusiastic European picker. We packed our lunch, hopped in our van and away we went.  After about a two and half hour drive through the small towns and winding back roads of Belgium, he stopped.

This way…

After a knock on the door of an immaculate-looking barn located on an old rambling farm, a young man dressed in coveralls opened the door.

“Hey, It’s been a while,” he said to us. “I bet you are looking for my grandfather. Well he has passed on, bless his dear soul. Come inside and let me show you what we have.”

I glanced over to Marcellino. He smiled and we crossed the threshold. Here is what he had to show us.  My eyes widened in disbelief as I saw this wonderful buffet.  I had never seen such beautiful and ornate carving in my life. This buffet was filled with the stories of farmers, country gentlemen, milkmaids and children. Musicians were playing flutes and lyres. Every time I looked at this gorgeous piece, I saw something new.

And that,” said our picker, “is early Brittany-style.”

This particular buffet is dated between 1840 to 1860 and is made of chestnut wood, a popular choice at that time. Normally the Brittany-style pieces of antique furniture you see or we have been able to locate are from 1890 to 1920. This rare find is in fantastic condition, having been taken care of over the years.  Marcellino also procured a lovely armchair and a small cabinet in the early Brittany-style. All pieces date to the mid 19th century.

About Brittany style:

First off, you have to like ornately carved furniture to appreciate Brittany-style. It is not plain and by no means ordinary!

According to our pals at good ol’ Wikipedia, The French province of Brittany, also known as Bretagne, was once an independent kingdom called Lesser Britain.  Brittany is still recognized as one of the six Celtic nations in the world today, as the Celtic language, Breton, is still spoken there and many Celtic traditions still survive.  Drawing on the ornate and symbolic nature of Celtic Art, antique furniture produced in Brittany at the end of the 19th century was heavily carved and told a story through its symbolic carvings. The local economy in Brittany was heavily dependent on fishing and maritime activities, so you often find circles and ship’s wheels as a common decorative motif.

The rise in popularity of Brittany-style furniture can be attributed to a collection of Breton songs, known as The Ballads of Brittany, published in 1839 by Théodore Hersart de la Villemarqué.  It created new interest in the history of the Celtic tradition in Brittany and sparked a great demand throughout France for locally-produced, hand-made Brittany-style furniture. 

These gorgeous pieces will be making their way to our location in the Exit 76 Antique Mall when we ship our next container. If you are interested in these exclusive early Brittany-style pieces of antique furniture, please contact us!


A fine day for pickin'

It was a beautiful, warm and sunny day here in Europe. The perfect day for our European Antique Picker to be on the road. His destination today was one of his favourite routes; through Belgium near Brussels. 

Quick lesson on Mechelen

 Mechelen buffet with original bevelled glass.

Mechelen buffet with original bevelled glass.

One style of furniture that Europa Antiques imports is the beautiful Mechelen style of furniture. Here is a little bit of history about Mechelen and how it became a centre for furniture making.

Mechelen, pronounced Malines in France, and also known as Malines or Mechlin in English, is a Dutch-speaking city in the province of Antwerp, Belgium.

Mechelen is one of Belgium’s prominent cities of historical art. It was a centre for artistic production during the Northern Renaissance. Anne Boleyn, wife of English King Henry VIII (1504–1536) resided in Mechelen as did Margaret of York, Duchess of Burgundy (1446–1503). In fact, several children who later became queens of European countries had received an education at Margaret of York’s court.

In 1572, during the Eighty Years' War, the city was burned and sacked by the Spanish. After this pillaging, the city was rebuilt. It was during this time that the tradition of furniture making began and can still be seen today.

Along with furniture, historically famous Mechlinian trades include laken (woollen cloth), tapestries, cordwain, Mechlin lace (precious bobbin lace, already from the early 18th century), wood carving and sculpturing.

 Mechelen buffet with original stained glass

Mechelen buffet with original stained glass

About 150 years ago, the artisan-made high-class furniture was enjoying a revival in Mechelen. A lot of qualified craftsmen were attracted to the city to restore it. That's why Mechelen was soon known for its high-class furniture, and the demand was rising inside and outside of Belgium.

The last boom of the Mechelen furniture craftsmanship took place after the First World War.

Mechelen-style furniture is beautifully carved with decoration such as leaves, berries and fruit, and often includes handsomely carved lion heads. The pieces that our European picker finds usually date from 1860 to about 1920. He discovers these pieces when he visits Mechelen or makes his usual tour in the province of Antwerp in Belgium. We can guarantee that the Mechelen furniture we import comes directly from the source!

These unique pieces can be a lovely addition to your home décor and are still very functional today. Here are some examples of Mechelen furniture we have in stock. See something you like? Visit the Exit 76 Antique Mall to check it out!

(source: Our picker and good ol’ Wikipedia)

It's never too late for pickin'...

Usually a picker hits the road nice and early, especially if there are some markets to visit along the way, but sometimes even heading out late on a Saturday afternoon can reap a reward or two.  Such was the case when our European picker, Marcellino, headed out to Belgium to check out a new address. The result? A wonderful Louis XVI hutch and a "Mecchels" dining room table and six chairs among a van load of other goodies! The table is in fantastic condition and the upholstery on the chairs is in great shape.

How to hang a dutch Zaanse Clock!

 How to hang a beautiful dutch Zaanse clock.

How to hang a beautiful dutch Zaanse clock.

EuropaAntiques.com has added a new Instructions and Care section to help support our customers who have bought a clock, or a "breakdown" wardrobe or armoire - etc. We want to support our customers as best we can and we hope this new section will help out. Our first entry is how to hang the dutch Zaanse clock. 

According to Clocks of the World.com, the Zaanse clock is looked upon as Holland's gift to clock lovers around the world. They are unique in style and design from any other clocks in the clock world.

They have been made since the middle of the 17th century. Holland has since stopped manufacturing these clocks, so they are becoming harder and harder to find. The clocks we have imported date from the 1950s to the 1970s.

Found in Belgium - cast iron stove from 1880

Jet lag? Forget it! Once our European antique picker is back home, he heads right back out on the road. Today Marcellino visited some old haunts in Belgium and came across this great old cast iron stove with bronze detailing. This stove dates somewhere between 1870 and 1880 and can be installed in your home to burn firewood. Nice! Interested in this stove? Send us an email!