With more than 30 years of experience travelling the roads of Germany, France, Belgium and Holland, our European Antique Picker knows how to find the good stuff.



Armoires, sideboards, hutches, breakfronts, china cabinets, kitchen tables, and dining room suites in styles such as Brittany, French Country, Hunt, Art Deco, Empire, Mechelen, Henri II, Louis XV and Louis XVI, and dating from as early as 1700.


Our European Antique Picker's passion since he was a young boy. Clocks are his specialty, and he always finds a variety of styles including Hunt Trophy Clocks, Black Forest, Comtoise, French Regulators, "Bim Bam", Zaanse, Boulle, Longcase, and French and Belgian Art Deco clocks.

home decor

Accent pieces with their own story to tell. Our European Antique Picker finds delightful items including statues, original paintings, copper pieces, pewter, ceramics, bronzes, old irons, old weigh scales and a variety of delft blue.