Bringing Europe a little closer, one pick at a time.


Europa Antiques is located at 3 North Center Street, Cambridge City, Indiana, in the heart of Indiana’s Antique Alley.

Owners Marcellino Van Hoof and his wife Kate live in the Netherlands where antique expert and "picker" Marcellino personally picks, packs and ships these wonderful treasures to their warehouse in Cambridge City. Marcellino’s father Harry Van Hoof is usually along for the ride. Harry and Marcellino have 60 years experience in the antique business and together they have acquired the unique, the unusual, or just plain cool stuff.

Marcellino and his dad are always on the lookout for specialty items that keep the past alive. No matter how long he has been travelling and no matter how many stops he has made, his next stop is always just as exciting as the last.



Interested in a European Picking Tour?

Europa Antiques provides picking tours for antique dealers looking to pick their own container in the Benelux and France region of Europe. Contact us for more information. 

Read about our collaboration with an antique dealer from Texas, who joined us on a European picking tour with great success!