Just what is a Dutch Pillow Cabinet and what is it used for?

This question is asked by many customers who visit us.  Well, contrary to its name, a pillow cabinet is not for storing pillows - although it could be used for that if you wanted to! The Pillow Cabinet is a typical dutch piece of furniture found in many homes in Holland, even to this day!

According to the dutch "Antiek Encylopedie", the second half of the 17th century saw the transformation of panel cabinets from the Renaissance to the Baroque periods. A "pillow cabinet" or kussenkast, is so named because the panels of the doors "puff out" like pillows. Older cabinets were edged with ebony. The moldings and legs of the cabinet are strongly profiled.

Pillow cabinets were used for storage, usually kitchenware such as dishes, cutlery, glassware and table linens.

But these sturdy cabinets can be used for just about anything, including storage of extra linens, or as a wardrobe, or as that extra space you may need to store sweaters and blankets. Think of the possibilities!

The cabinet profiled here is sitting just waiting for you to check it out at Europa Antiques’ warehouse at 3 North Center Street, Cambridge City, Indiana. It is made of solid oak. Note the tiger pattern on the side panels!