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Europa Antiques imports unique treasures from Germany, France, Belgium and the Netherlands.  Our diverse inventory of furniture, home decor and clocks includes pieces dating from as early as the 1700's up to the 1970's. Styles include; Jugendstil,  Art Nouveau, Art Deco, Henri II, French Hunt, Louis XVI,  Louis XV,  Baroque, Boulle, Brittany, French Country,  and Mid-Century Modern.


What we do

Europa Antiques are buyers and sellers of fine European Antiques. We buy in Europe and sell in the USA. We specialize in antique furniture, clocks and home decor, as well as architectural goods such as doors, windows and staircases.  

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How we do it

While many antique shops and dealers rely on a "picker"  to find inventory, we don't because we are that picker! Europa Antiques buys inventory direct from the source, we pack it ourselves and then ship it to our locations in Indiana, USA.

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When we get it done

When Europa Antiques hits the road, it can be quite the adventure. You never know what's around the corner, and that's what keeps us going!  We also like to share what we know about antiques and what makes them special.

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Europa Antiques french cabinet

The heart of Europa

Marcellino Van Hoof  is the man behind our antiques.  He knows where to find the good stuff.

happy europa antiques customers

Our customers, our friends

What a treat it is to see how the past has met the present in the homes of our customers.


Antiques are not just old. They are portals to the past, showing us a time when craftsmanship and quality went hand in hand with necessity and practicality.

 - Marcellino Van Hoof