Our European Picker's love affair with clocks

Clocks tell more than the time. Today we can find the time on just about anything, from pens to necklaces. Many of us turn to our smartphones rather than a wristwatch to get the "exact time". Every second counts!  But a clock offers something different, especially a clock from the turn of the 20th century.

Marcellino has loved clocks for as long as he can remember. Our house is filled with them and as much as I love the tick-tock and chiming of a clock, I can only handle two or three running at once! The gentle ticking of a clock brings us to a different time when "up to the second" didn't really matter all that much.

The regulator or pendulum clocks from back in the day are one of his favorites. The classic cases and faces of the Art Deco style are the ones he likes best. Considering how important these workhorses were when it came to keeping time at home, or in the factory, or in a train station, makes them that much more special to us.

Marcellino has learned how to service old clocks so that every clock we bring in is in working order. We try to find ones where you can actually see the movement operating. It's such a fascinating process if you take the time to watch it.