Lafayette returns to America!

In an earlier post, we wrote about our European Antique picker bringing home this special french clock. Turns out this clock was more special than we first thought! The statue on this clock is none other than the Marquis de Lafayette! Yes...THAT Lafayette!

The Marquis de Lafayette was only 19 years old in 1777 when he volunteered to fight in the American revolution. In 1824 he returned to the US on a triumphal tour around the country.  Legend also has it that on that tour the Liberty Bell cracked. Is the legend true? This statue by French sculptor Laurent depicts the young Marquis perched atop the cracked Liberty bell. Made from spelter and signed by Laurent, Lafayette adorns a beautiful French clock with an 8-day movement. The clock was made in 1880. What makes the clock extra special is the window in the front which shows the running movement. This movement was cleaned and checked and is in good working order. The clock chimes the hour and on the half hour.

This beautiful clock with Lafayette is now in America at the Exit 76 Antique Mall just waiting for someone to bring him home. Head on down and check it out!