Container on the way to Indiana!

Loading a 40 ft container of European vintage furniture that will be tossed around on the ocean, shaken on a rail line and then jostled on the trailer of a truck takes careful thought! Every piece has to fit nice and snug to ensure a safe journey to the other side of the world.  This might be easy if every piece you are loading is square or has similar dimensions, but not this cargo. Straight; curved; a chair; a lamp; a bed, a sideboard, a mirror...the list goes on. I think of loading a container as playing a life-size game of Tetris!

Marcellino and Salvatore, our European antique pickers, find those great treasures (the fun part!) but they also load them up themselves (the hard part!), to make sure every piece is properly wrapped and stacked, ensuring a safe journey.  The container is on time for an arrival at the Exit 76 Antique Mall in Edinburgh, Indiana in mid-February - that's only in a couple of weeks!