Hi honey, I've bought you a linen screw press!

Found in a tiny village called Mol on the way to Antwerp, Belgium.

Yep, I can throw away the iron now! Hubby bought me this wonderful linen screw press to help me get the creases just right in my table napkins and tablecloths! (NOT!) This fantastic linen screw press is just another one of the great finds Marcellino has found on his travels to France.  

According to the Old and Interesting website: This kind of press was used by the Romans for giving a good finish to new and laundered cloth. Over the centuries presses of this type have been used for smoothing both freshly-washed and recently-used linen, especially table linen, which led to the name 'napkin press'. Tightening the vertical screw puts pressure on a board sitting on top of a pile of folded cloth. 

Ornate carved presses were more than functional. They were a good way of displaying your best white cloths and napkins in a fine piece of furniture, and this was particularly true in 17th and 18th century Europe and North America. Often called napkin presses, they were kept near the dining table - for show and for convenience.

This gem was sold to a collector in Cincinnati.


A toast to a new adventure

A toast to a new adventure